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To Carry:Verb (used with object) .

To take or support from one place to another.

To wear, to hold.

Carry Me Close Babywearing Consulting


Benefits of Babywearing for Babies & Toddlers
  • Helps infants develop emotionally and socially
  • Helps to meet infants physical needs. Babies need and enjoy motion to help develop their vestibular system
  • Wearing your baby provides closeness even when you cannot give your baby 100% of your attention
  • After birth, the experience of being held close to a parent’s body helps them recall the peace they felt in the womb
  • Baby wearing is also very useful for toddlers. The world can be a scary place for them and they will feel more confident when they know they can retreat to the security of a carrier if needed.


Benefits of Babywearing for Parents
  • Frees mother’s hands for day-to-day activities
  • Parents experience a boost in confidence when babywearing. A baby who is contented makes a parent feel more competent.
  • Breastfeeding mothers who practice baby wearing find it easy to nurse their babies more often. It is also easy to bottle feed in a carrier.
  • Babywearing makes skin-to-skin time easier, which is integral to babies development during the first three months


Benefits of Babywearing for Families

Do you know how much time is the minimum skin-to-skin time that should be done with newborns?

With the birthmother:

Newborns require at minimum 120 consequtive minutes 4X a week for the first 3 months

With non birthmothers:

Newborns require 90 consequtive minutes 4X a week for the first 3 months

Get out doors into the fresh air, hands free!
Babywearing is great for getting out doors!
What does a Babywearing Consultant Do?

A Babywearing consultant facilitates your babywearing goals. Consultants can educate you about the different types of carriers, how to use them, and help you select which one will be the best choice for you at any stage from newborn to toddlers. Furthermore, a consultant can help you learn how to do back carries and how to optimize your carrier for you. Every parent is different and so is every baby, a babywearing consultant aims to make your babywearing a success.

Babywearing Consultants are experts in:

  • Teaching others to wear baby carriers: ring slings, woven and stretchy wraps, mei tais and SSCs (soft structured carriers)
  • The physiological and the psychological aspects of infant carrying
  • Helping someone in discover what makes a good carry/carrier for them
  • Being a support roll for parents

How much does it cost?

$60 for 1 hour in-house. Travel fees apply if you would like the consult done in your home.

Babywearing Consulting and Education

Babywearing is great for toddlers, too!
Babywearing is great for toddlers, too


Christine Harris Baby wearing consultant

Christine Harris is the face behind Carry With Love. A mother and babywearing enthusiast, Christine completed a babywearing educator course with the Center for Babywearing Studies.

Christine is dedicated to helping families through babywearing. Her role as a consultant is a supportive one - it's all about you and your goals. With an appreciation for the physiological and the psychological aspects of infant carrying, Christine can help you carry your baby with love.

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Babywearing can take you on adventures
Babywearing can take you on adventures